How Much Of Yourself Do You Know?

How Much Of Yourself Do You Know?

I am not yet able, as the Delphic inscription has it, to know myself; so it seems to me ridiculous, when I do not yet know that, to investigate irrelevant things. – Socrates The 21st Century is quite a funny one…it is an age where men dedicate an enormous amount of their time studying courses […]

Accomplish Like A Genius: The Singular Most Important Tip

How To Achieve Like Genius

If there is anything we all envy of the geniuses of the world, it’s their ability to concentrate intently and avoid distraction – even when it is eminent. Albert Einstein for instance, was known to focus deeply and concentrate on a particular thought even when he was in a very noisy crowd. Unfortunately, this lack […]

It’s A Second That Grows To A Day

How To Manage Time

Time management is one of the most elusive concepts in modern history: top management staff down to high school students all battle with the concept of time – with none ever appearing to win the battle. Time always appears to be a slippery little eel that easily slips off the hands of anyone who imagines […]

[On A Lighter Note] Elections Should Be Held Yearly In Nigeria!

Elections In Nigeria Should Be Yearly

In extreme circumstances, it is only logical to adopt extreme measures… ~ Akaahan Terungwa Nigeria is a country where, every 4 years, politicians have made it a hobby to seek elective positions in a manner that defies all logic and sensibilities: incumbents cling shamelessly to power and other contestants are ready to lie, cheat, intimidate, […]

A Country That Cannot ‘Afford’ Stable Power Isn’t Serious Yet!

Stable Power In Africa

Lord Lenin (first leader of The USSR) was heavily criticized when he assumed office; this was amidst cheers and congratulations that he was the first person to run a state on the model of Marx. His biggest criticism revolved around the issue of power and other basic amenities. The argument was that how could the […]

The ‘Money Culture’ Kills (Faster Than Gangrene)

The Money Culture Kills Faster Than Gangrene

The ‘money culture’ refers to a culture of glorifying money above everything else. It is the habit of respecting persons who flash wards of notes in the faces of less ‘fortunate’ folks and ultimately, it is the persistent behavior of failing to question the source of wealth of  individuals and instead, crowning all manner of […]

Hard Work Is Not Enough…

Work Smart, Not Hard

Everyday, we are told to work hard. Our parents start this admonishment from infancy, our teachers pick it up and ultimately the society perfects it. It’s ‘work hard'; ‘work hard’ and ‘work hard’. Unfortunately (and like most concepts emphasized today), hard work alone is never enough to guarantee success…infact, on the contrary, it may be […]

The Problem Is YOU – Not The World!

You Are The Problem

So, you’ve imagined all this while that your problem was caused by the world: parents, uncles, teachers, siblings etc? Sorry, you got it wrong! The problem with you is YOU and not anyone else! You are the sole reason why you are not recording progress in your life; you are the sole reason you always […]

Lack Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Lack Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

Today is Sunday – and many persons may have actually gone to church only to be told money is the root of all evil…. That is not only false, it also amounts to a perfect misunderstanding of scripture – particularly, 1 Tim 6:10. The verse reads: For the love of money is a root of […]

Book Vs. Street Smartness: Which Should You Aim For (And Why)?

Book Vs. Street Smartness

All over the world, two major types of “intelligence” is recognized: book and street smartness. The folks who are smart book wise are persons who have come to terms with the reality of manipulating books, understanding them and often, memorizing content and getting excellent grades in school. These category also represent the finest the academia […]