Price Reduction Alone Would Not Guarantee Business…!

Will Reducing The Price Help Me Sell More?

All over the world, businessmen and women hold the erroneous belief that reducing the price of a product or service would guarantee sales. This has made price reduction to be the first attempt to rescue an underperforming product in the market. Unfortunately, price is just one of the basic conditions that ensures a product will […]

Where You Are Is Probably The Best Place For You!

Where You Are Is The Best Place For You

You’ve often heard the saying: “the pasture always appears greener on the other side…” Well, the pasture classically looks better on the other side. However, in reality, it is often worse than the present one you currently inhabit. The eyes and heart are always quick to appreciate what exactly is far and appears unattainable (even […]

If You Are Born Poor…

If you die poor, it's your fault

…it’s your parent’s fault; however, if you die poor, it’s squarely your own fault…! This has been drummed into consciousness of late. However, a large part of the population still have a way of getting everything wrong. Completely wrong. This simple statement is not an avenue the rich use to humiliate the poor, neither is […]

The Major Failures of Youth Today

The Sins of Youth

First of all, my apologies for going off and failing to publish for two solid days…it was a health challenge. Now that I’m better and supremely motivated, the public diary continues… My subject today is pretty simple – and one that torments almost everyone I have met – the subject of youth. I’ve heard many […]

How To Restore Your FADING New Year Resolutions

How To Restore New Year Resolutions

The year is already old (at 24 days) and so are many precious resolutions, made on the very first of the year! The weight shedding resolution is already broken and food is already being gutted down like no man’s business (and exercises practically forgotten); the fidelity vow is broken already (thanks to some booze) and […]

The Fastest Route To Failure…

The Biggest Recipe For Failure

Nobody wants to fail in just about everything that is done…unfortunately, many still fail – woefully! Unfortunately too, failure has no intention to be made history anytime soon; the reasons are of course as many as they are varied. However, there exist only a single route to failure that is both fast and guaranteed to […]

Religion Is Classical Hypocrisy In Nigeria

Religion In Nigeria Is Classical Hypocrisy

We are religious in Nigeria – quite religious. Sadly, 99% of religion in Nigeria amounts to mere cheap hypocrisy. Period. On Sundays, the Christians proceed to church to worship; so do the Moslems on Friday. However, after this show of piety, Nigerians still behave in a manner that would make atheists or barbarians wholly proud […]

History Always Repeats Itself (Because People Would Rather Not Listen!)

History Repeats Itself

One of the great tragedies of humanity is that it is headstrong. Stupidly headstrong! This makes history repeat itself year in year out; across continents, across nations and local communities. Humanity doesn’t learn! The major cause of this shortfall is that every generation thinks itself smarter than the previous. Accordingly, it is the doom of […]

A Nation That Imagines Politics Is Business Is Doomed – Utterly!

Politics As Business In Nigeria

Politics is not business – neither does it have anything to do with business save ensure that other businesses move on smoothly – and excellently. – Akaahan Terungwa The above quotation seems quite strange, particularly in countries where the reality of the population is that politics is the best thing ever to happen to someone […]

The Line Between Wisdom And Stupidity Is Very Thin

Difference Between Wisdom And Stupidity

Sanity, it is argued, constitutes towing the middle course. However, maintaining this course can prove so difficult that a slip from one realm to the next will usually go unnoticed. So is it with stupidity – when contrasted with wisdom…the line is usually so thin that when one slips into another, it goes unnoticed – […]